Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next Stop: Vava'u

A view of the southern end of Niue
I forgot to put this one up before: Its Tom Neales shack on Suwarrow
One of the hundreds of empty houses on Niue
We climbed down this ladder into a cave yesterday to snorkel in the cave.
The cave Pool was wondeful
Looking out from the cave
Very clear water : those little blue fish are almost iridescent in real life
 Lots of  little fish in Makapu Point Cave

The weather has settled and instead of waiting till tomorrow I am leaving later today, Friday. Ive taken the motorbike back, paid my yacht club dues, checked out with customs and after this will get some more UHT milk and few other groceries along with a loaf of fresh bread. That should be enough to get me to Vava'u in 2 days when it will be Monday there, on the other side of the International; dateline. Ive had a really lovely time in Niue but I am excited about getting back out into the ocean again.

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