Friday, July 4, 2014

Three hours in Futuna

Arrived after dark last night so hove to and slept very intermittently, even thou7gh we were 8 miles off we slowly got closer and by sunrise we were 3 miles out so I motored in. Dropped anchor at 7am and pumnped up the dinghy and was ashore at 8am. Walked along the road of a tiny town with a couple of shops and found the Gendarmerie - he stamped my Passport : ARRIVE a Fuutuna July 4 then stamped it agin DEPART July 4. Next I walked back to the Customs Office on the wharf where a small ship was being unloaded of a few containers, gave them my papers and they issued my customs declaration in by 9am I was back on the boat, deflating the dingfhy and stowing it. By 10 I was heading out, I put up all sail, set the Hydrovane, we are close hauled ( of bloody course ) heading is 208M wind is SE about 16-18 knots , sea about 1 meter, mostly sunny with some high cloud and I havaenty had to do anything else except have food - bloody ants are ruining everything - and have some rest. Sun just setting so will have tinned fish and crackers for dinner then start sleepimg. Should be staying on this course for most of the way back. AT least we are laying our destination this time,

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  1. Great to see you back at sea David. I'm sure we all have been wondering if you would ever get around to it again. Webb has left Hawaii bound for Apia, Western Samoa. I guess you will not be too far away and may even meet up. His remaining passage time should be around 18/19 days.
    Enjoy the sailing and the ants.