Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day Two

I fixed it quite easily with a left over bolt from the Hydrovane attachments, and decided I must keep going. In the morning it was calm, I raised sail and then the anchor and sailed out of the bay in nlight wind but I had a reef in the main exoecting strong wind once out of the lee of the land. Sue enough thats bwhat happened and before long we were at 6 knots out through Navula Pass for the last time.

There was a light cloud cover and the swell were 2m some 3 or 4 and Fiji slowly disappeared behind. Unusally I felt quite nauseated whenever I went below, and I threw up twice. It was horrible feeling likehat but today, Wednesday mornning feel normal again.

The wind stayed strong, around 22 knots but in the afternoon it started to ease off. A Japanese trawler went by at 2pm . By evening I had all sail out and the wind was down to 14 knots from SSE. Once it got dark I had my dinner which was bread and a tin of Dahl soup that I bought in a Fiji supermarket - I had bought a test tin to see if I liked it. It was good. I had also been eating bananas before they went overripe and drinkling lots of water. I started my sleeping, had amazing vivd dreams - I remember in one I was on enormous stilts walking like a giant through a park and jumped over a lake! I saw a guy in a cool red car listening to cuban music...weird!

This morning the wind is still only 10 knots and we are making 3 to 4, rolling a bit and the sails inclined to flap.

Will have pawpaw and then weeties and coffee for breakfast. I am doing this now because the reception is good and who nows what it will be like later.

My poition now is 18.29South and 175.25East. Ive sailed 110 miles and Tanna is 340 in front. Could be a slow day today..

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