Sunday, September 20, 2015

Images from the Coral Sea

Sapphire Breeze at Bundaberg Marina
I tidied the boat up and dried everything over the next few days then came to Sydney to visit family. My amazing contact, Amber, in the Locum Agency found me work in no time, and in the almost perfect location, a few miles  north from Bundaberg, at Gladstone for two months. I will return there in a week and on one of my weekends off will sail Sapphire up to the Marina at Gladstone. It will be an unusual experience to be working and having the boat nearby. There are many little chores that require sorting out, mainly electrical things such as the Inverter which stopped working and the Cabin lights and Bilge pumps.

Next year I will sail further south, but not in a mad dash, and perhaps eventually back to Sydney.

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  1. Well done. What a brave sweet boat you have. The hardest sailing is in squalls like you had but you did it and you are both back in OZ. Don' forget to look us up when you get to NZ. I realise family come first but we do like your company. :-)