Thursday, January 2, 2014

Animals are wonderful

As you can see Angora rabbits are very cute fluffy little animals that apparently make good pets :

"People keep angora rabbits for breeding, showing and for their wool. Either way, they are quite docile creatures, very intelligent and make good pets as long as you are prepared to spend some time grooming them. As a result of all this grooming, angoras are used to human contact and react well to being around us."

Ive just followed a link from the NZ Herald website to a video that shows how their long fluffy wool is removed , so it can be made into beautiful soft garments that most of us can't afford.  I probably should have  included the link to the video because it is something many of us probably need to see :  horrifying and distressing cruelty, a naked demonstration of the bastardry and viciousness of human beings towards innocent and defenceless animals.  I couldn't watch all of it.  It is sickening and revolting and utterly appalling : the animal is tied to a board, and the wool ripped off in handfuls, like you would pluck a dead chook, revealing the angry red soft skin underneath, while the rabbit shrieks and cries out pitifully, struggling . And this is repeated every few months. The wool can be cut off but it is worth twice as much if "plucked" because the fibre is longer

Apalling cruelty - an image from the video 
And for the sake of what? Personal gain for the grower, luxury and pampering and prestige for the buyer. Is there no limit to the extent we are prepared to go in our need for comfort and status and glamour? How could anyone argue this is not abhorrent?

This video was made in China where 90% of Angora wool comes from. The article reported that several stores in the UK have now refused to sell Angora products, and one has even offered a full refund for any that are returned. I hope more shops follow their lead, but such is the nature of human greed that I doubt this monstrous practice will disappear until its outlawed. 

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