Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Video - at Last!

This video was made on my usual camera, the Panasonic Lumix.  But my Panasonic Toughbook which is now more than 5 years old didnt seem to want to download it properly or replay it. I decided eventually to get a new LapTop and preserve the Toughbook for use on Sapphire - theres a docking station on the boat for it, and Ive got my Sailmail and my Navigation software loaded on it. So now I have finally bought a new LapTop - its a Sony VAIO, cost $800 at JB HiFi. And then it took me ages to get the video uploaded to You Tube.
But at last, here it is. I am 25 miles from Vava'u, the wind is about 22 knots and we're probably making 6.5 knots +/- .5knots. I remember this morning well - it was one of those great days of sailing made more exciting by the imminent arrival in Tonga. Departures always have me dry mouthed and anxious but arrivals are usually the adrenalin high that might be why we keep going back for more.Its such a tremendous feeling to succesfully complete an ocean passage. Later this day I sailed across the northern end of Vava'u where there are massive cliffs, I saw a Douglas DC3 aeroplane fly past heading to the airport, a whale surfaced ahead of me and then I entered the passage between several islands that leads to Niafu. At the commercial wharf near Customs two boys fishing took my lines and helped me tie up. I cleared customs in the morning then moved to a swing mooring.
Approaching the passage to Niafu