Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pictures will do the Talking

Young man from Mursi Tribe
I was going to write about being back in the "Civilised" world. What I really mean is the "developed" world where we have Internet access and clean running water - all that stuff - but reading again about whats still going on in Syria, or in relation to Gun Control in the US, or being revealed in the Corruption Inquiry right here in Sydney where scumbag politicians and so called "businessmen" are being exposed as lying greedy thieves, - OK so whats new you may say! -  I decided "Civilised" was overdoing it a bit.
"Generation" Tree in Konso Tribal Village
Our tour into the southern parts of Ethiopia was  brilliant. The contrast with northern parts couldnt have been more stark, as we visited several different tribes over nine days in the lower Omo Valley.
Couldnt resist a quick Snap of this tourist being helped up a bank by the Omo River!!
Amazingly crooked canoes that work really well crossing the Omo
Hamar Men wear lots of jewlellery and have complicated Hair-do's
The single most vivid impression I have come away with is of the women down there - I couldnt believe how hard their lives are, how incredibly tough they are, how hard they work and how vital their roles are in all these tribal societies, and yet how passionate they seem to be about their lives and their culture and their families. I was at first heartened to hear that baby girls are prized over boys - up north its the other way round -   but then was told that this is because they attract a dowry of many cattle and sheep and goats, the ultimate status symbols of wealth and influence. In some places up to 15 or 20 head of cattle are exchanged for a young bride!
Children of Dassenach Tribe posing for Photos
Watching cattle being assembled for "Bull Jumping" Ceremony, Hamer Tribe
Karo Tribes people who live on the Omo River are renowned for Body Paint
Inside tiny smoky hut of Mursi Tribe
Outside Butcher shop in Jinka
Mursi Women famous for their Lip Plates