Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2

From a purely sailing perspective its been a good day. We are making 5-6 knots and even sometimes 6 to 7 more or less along the great circle to Tubuai, 2009 nm in total from Mardsen Cove. There hasn't been any rain, the sea state is less chaotic than yesterday but its still a bit chaotic the swell from the south and we're tracking more or less parallel to it so lots of wild rolling and slewing from side to side, altogether making it rather less than champagbne sailing. In fact Ive been feeling sick most of the day, sea sickeness doesn't usually affect me but I think the wildness of the sea yesterday set me off - not spewing just feeling nausea. Slept reasonably OK but appetite today still reduced but managing with water, one coffee, muesli and UHT milk, bread and honey, a few mandarins, cherry tomatoes and strictly rationed, Melvas biscuits.

One small drama : the Hydrovane Bolts which loosened in the Tasman and were secured with new Locknuts at Ashbys in Opua - theyre loose again! I noticed to my dismay - horro even - the whole unit once again coming loose and moving where it shouldn't be. So I had to lean over the stern to tie the Vise Grips to the external bolts then squeeze my arm through the transom inspection port with a wrench also on string, and tighten them up again. It sounds easy but it took about one and a half hours, as the boat is rolling about and to clip on and unclip every time you remember you should have got whatever tool/spanner size etc etc

That's all for now. Writing worsens the nausea. Thanks to everyone who has emaild - I wont reply personally just yet - it's a struggle just getting this done - but I will when I feel better. Please do keep emails coming though.

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