Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Two

Another day of sunshine and light winds from NE and easy seas. During the night I slept infrequently, as we more or less drifted NE at about 0.3knots past Coppermine Island the easternmost chick of the Hen and Chickens. The AIS alarmed twice with ships coming close but the nearest passed 1.5nm astern heading in to Whangarei. I wondered why so many of the details broadcast by each vessel were missing, such as the vessels name? I didnt enjoy the night and was relieved to eventually see the sky lightening, but we were only a few miles out to sea and there was no wind. I debated with myself - well yes, there wasnt anyone else was there? - the benefits of motoring vs waiting and eventually decided to motor for an hour just to get out a bit further and charge the battery a bit. Having the computer and AIS on all night drains a fair bit out of the battery and there was neither Sunlight for the Solar Panel nor wind for the Air Breeze - I'll be watching that closely. AT the end of the hour I put up sail and ever so slowly a breeze built that kept the sail full and the boat moving but usually only at 2 or 3 knots. Its forecast to reach 15 tomorrow.

So I had coffee and muesli and two Feijoas and later during the day Raisin bread with honey, nuts, an apple and an orange, lots of water and for evening meal will have a cold meat pie. I bought 4 on Tuesday. During the day I found things to do, such as try out the spinnaker pole, tidy up, realign the Hydrovane and so on but inside I felt strangely anxious. I think this will last a while yet, at least until we are clear of land and shipping lanes, and at last making some progress . The wind is dropping as the sun sets behind me, the wild Moko Hinau Islands in silhouette - I passed qute close to them and remembered the last time I was there was 34 years ago with my father in his little motor sailer. I took some photos, probably wont be many more to take till I reach land again.

Right now we are making 3.7 knots in 8 - 9 knot breeze, pointing as high as I can to clear the northern tip of Great Barrier Island. It seems to be a rule of the sea that the wind will come from the direction that will make it impossible to sail where you actually want to go.

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