Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Problem with Wind

For most of yesterday there wasnt a cloud in the sky. other than a rim of white so close to the horizon it was barely visible, Rge sea state was good for sailing but the wind remained light though stll from a favourable direction.. Inevitably the self steering was patchy and we ended up hove to a number of times before I realized I needed to do the steering myself. Which I did. All day. And kept the boat speed around 4 to 5 knots till early evening when the wind speed increased just enough for the boat to stay balanced and steer herself once again, It was 6,30 and I decided t go and sleep straight away having had little the night before but after a while lying down resting my right shoulder began to ache and burn and really hurt. Before long I could barely lift my arm to take my glasses off so I swallowed some Nurofen plus tablets and tried again to sleep.. Now the wind was dropping again so I went back to the cockpit dragging my useless right arm along, and recommenced steering with my left arm....In the end the Nurofen kicked in and so did the wind and I managed some broken sleep overnight with numerous interruptions to deal with the annoyingly changeable light winds. I thought numerous times it was dying a slow and agonizing death but that would be even worse than what its doing now as then there would be no option, apart from just sitting here, other than motoring and continuous left hand driving.

So theres about 60 miles left, which could see us back late today. In fact while writing this the sky has lightened and I have just seen the jagged outline of Isle Maupiti, 15 miles away off the post bow, and beyond that like a tiny finger-nail sticking over the horizon, the unmistakable silhouette of Bora Bora. The wind is picking up again so Sapphire is self steering but later I shall take over, hopefully to make lanfall possible in daylight, about 12 hours from now. But next a strong coffee and two tablets should help get me through the day. Of course instil the fat lady sings, the show isnt over.

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