Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Slow

The lessening wind yesterday was a false dawn - it stayed high and rough all day long but instead of just waiting I set a tiny bit of headsail and we styarted moving forward at 2-3 knots and with the wheel locked in just the right spot I didnt need to steer. She just nosed along by herslf and I sat here wondering what to do next and waited for the break which never came. However Rain came and clouds and an occasional lull lasting 5 minutes which got my hopes up each time and then, its 22 knots again. I tried a little more sail but we started slamming into waves and getting water all over the boat and the sail would flap wildly if we were turned into the wind so I eased back and just waited. I dont want to bust anything else. Hare and Tortoise and all that ...I emailed Bob for a weather update and he is sure the break is coming and the winds are going to go North then west and south over the next few days. This if it happens will give me the chance to head straight back to Raiatea, perhaps by Friday NZ/AUst time.

So we have sailed 56 miles since yesterday but only about 20 closer to Raiatea! I will have breakfast now then, if the wind settles as hoped/predicted will put out a little more sail and move a little faster as the waves do seem less right now. The tricky part will be balancing the boat to minimize he need for me to sit there 24/7 steering,

Exact position now at 1700 UTC is 14degrees 44 S 157degrees 52 west

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