Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday 438 to go

The forecast before I left Bora Bora was for today to present me with the strongest wind of the week and for it to begin easing tomorrow and be quite light on the weekend. In fact the winds have already started to ease and so I have had all sail out since after breakfast. And that is about all I have had to do in the last 24 hours.

Overnight I slept a lot better, many short naps really and vivid dreams, and whenever I woke I made a quick check of instruments and the horizon. On one occasion I noted the red Port light and other lights of a small ship heading east - it showed up on the AIS about 4 miles away doing 12 knots - nothing to worry about.

An experienced yachtie would probably regard today as a typical downwind tradewinds days sailing with wind consistently around 16 knots, a moderate swell and bounce in the sea but nothing threatening, a mostly cloudless sky and not much to do other than check the heading every so often. We are making 5.5 to 6 knots.

I've taken the trolling line in as I realized I didn't really need a fish, but I might put it back out closer to Suwarrow so if I do catch something I might be able to share it with anyone else who may be there, or even the caretaker if he is. My nausea has still not completely gone but I managed a short spell of reading earlier, and my appetite is returning but not ready for cooking.. I'm still waiting to feel good.

So no new problems or issues to report and we are now 438 nm from Suwarrow.
My exact position at noon here ( 10am in NZ, 8am in Sydney) was 16degrees 2 minutes South 156 degrees 05 minutes west.

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