Tuesday, June 19, 2012


`SHort Note this time as I am still adjusting to life at sea - ie I feel a bit sick. And nervous as we bump and twist our way west in strong wind and sea coming at me from off the port quarter.And now a small shower of rain has just arrived. The wind is up to 24 knots amd the main is reefed amd the headsail also reefed. And making about 6 knotsd at p;reent which is fast enpough. Sory for typos but everything is moving..

Sailed out from Bora Bora at 11am and its now 6.30pm. Sailed past Maupiti at 4 which is 27 miles from Bora Bora. It looked so invitig but the pass into that lagoon is descriibed as Treacherous. SO I kust kept going.

THe first couple of days are always tough I have noticed. this is no different. I am hoping the wind will settle a little as the evening wears om then it might be easier to have a sleep. Ive eaten bread cheese bananas and lollies, no real appetite.

Not capable of writing anymore or answering any emails.

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