Friday, August 14, 2015

Cats are taking over

I was unable to connect to SailMail this morning but will write this in the hope I may tonight. But if not tonight night, maybe I'll be lucky tomorrow....

I arrived here in Port Resolution about 10am and dropped the anchor in a mere 4m. As I approached 4 yachts emerged and headed north and a fifth has since left and been replaced by another which arrived a few minutes ago, so now there are 8 yachts here, all Catamarans except for Sapphire Breeze. It sounds quite grand, Port Resolution, and it was named by the amazing Captain Cook who seems to have investigated every nook and cranny of the Pacific, but in fact its a tiny shallow U shaped bay with a narrow entrance between some low cliffs on one side and rock and coral outcrops on the other. On the western side where I am anchored 50 m from the shore there is steam emerging from rocks and from the bush higher up. The bush is dense tropical jungle, and on the opposite shore glimpses of small wooden buildings with thatched roofs, and the shouts of children indicate where the village is. It looks very traditional and very undeveloped. In the bay at least eight men in small single outrigger canoes paddle about fishing, calling to one another, but seeming to mostly ignore the yachts. Ive eaten, had a rest, done some tidying up and put the sail covers on, and have decided now to leave the dinghy where it is till the morning when I wil have more energy to unroll it, pump it up and put the outboard on, The Customs people are supposed to be here at 10 but that may really just mean sometime before lunch. After they have been I can go ashore and explore the village, find out about getting up to see the Volcano and hopefully buy a fresh fish for my dinner. Tinned tuna is OK for a while.

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  1. Hi David, we had a fabulous time at Tanna in 2012. The people were lovely and having the fishermen around our boats was great. Don't be surprised if you get asked to charge mobile phones. We became friendly with Patrick and his wife Nellie who live in the local village. I have wondered how they fared in the cyclone that hit Vanuatu so any news you have would be great. We were also lucky to be at Tanna just before a festival they hold every 3 years and we got to see the men and women from a 'custom village' practising for the festival. Definitely worth investigating as it may be the right time again for the festival.