Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On my way

This will be short as I am still sufferring from sea sickness which is not usual for me,, but sittinmg down here typintg doeesnt help. Left Momi Bay yesterday at 7.30 am into conditions much different from predicte3d - actuallly the conditiomns I thought I was avoidinng by staying htere Saturday - all day 2-3m swells and rough sea with 24 knots +/- 2 knots so reefed main and smallo headsail. Plenty of big splashes over dodger into cockpit, watewr across the boat but the wind was from the beam and the saes as well so made good time.Conditons were expected to moderate so I clung to that hope whilst spewing, had only water and two cubes of cheese. Conditionsn only began to settle abouit 4.30 am when I let a bit of headsail out. Now we are passed the point I got to last time, wind now 18-20 and not much white water so if the nausea settles will have a pawpaw and some water to start the day. A yacht passed me during the nught, I saw her in the distance close to sunset then her lights as they gradually bcaught me up - obviously on same heading , for Tanna where I expect to be on Thursday.

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