Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Last Bus to Lautoka

The rugged ranges inland from Nadi and Lautoka
The signs says Drunkards Not Allowed
The Cane Cutting season is well under way and the roads and rail lines are clogged with trucks  
All set to go
The Leading Marks for Navula Passage : I am anchored here till tomorrow
I took a final trip in the window-less  bus to Lautoka and took some photos from the window. Walking from the Marina to the road, I pass the Taxi rank and invite the waves and entreaties from the drivers to take the Taxi - but the Bus is more fun unless you are returning with many bags of shopping , in which case I ring Abdul or Kamal and they come and get me from the Markets.

I cleared Customs on Friday and sailed to Navula Pass, 15nm south of the Marina, in  Northeasterlies, gusting to 25 knots but the wind and waves were behind me, and Momi Bay, directly in front when you come through the Pass is sheltered except from the west. Theres a front passing across Fiji today with strong winds and showers and by tomorrow things will have settled and I will get going. I am supposed to have sailed out  of Fiji waters as soon as I could after clearing customs on Friday, but as its three times as expensive to clear on the weekend, I’m doing something which many do quietly, and its a nice chance to check the boat over again. The prop fitting leak is minor and I haven’t put the Hoseclip back on as yet. I’ll just observe for a while.

Tonight I would love to be ashore at  a Pub somewhere because the All Blacks and the Wallabies go head to head for the first Bledisloe Cup match...instead I will try to pick it up on the Radio, perhaps even internet Radio....

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  1. It was a win for the wallabies tonight! Sorry David.
    Anyway! What's the saying! "safe winds and following seas"
    Be thinking of you! xo