Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Photos. In no particular order..

Approaching Tanna : see the smoke rising from the Volcano?

The three  fresh mackerel I ate for breakfast

4 of my passengers about to go home

Going ashore at Aniwa

Racing across the Ash plain beneath Mt Yasur

David and Suzanne about to make my dinner

The Village has an ocean side as well as the Harbour side

Tanna:Bottom left. My track IN from very bottom, then out to Aniwa,(not shown)
up past Erromango to Efate and Port Vila, Top.

Chewed up Kava Root

Pouring water through and squeezing out the drink

Kava root and Taro for sale at Lenakel market

Wharf at Lenakel

Port Resolution ; Sapphire Breeze at left

Port Resolution early morning

Another view of Port Resolution and Sapphire Breeze

Walking up Mt Yasur

On the Edge

Inside the crater

Looking across the rim of the volcano

Another view of Mt Yasur and the ash plain from the river crossing

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