Saturday, June 23, 2012

Todays Plan

Sailed into 20 knots gusting 24 with 3-4m swell, some waves breaking over boat for 5 hours yetsreday from 2 to 7pm and made 10miles. I was wet and cold by then and hungry. The weather predicton is that the 20 ESE knot winds are going to settle today then become light NE then go North and west during next week. If this happens as predicted that would help me get to Raiatea which is not what is happening at the moment. I decided on that basis last night not to keep bashing on and hammering the boat and myself but to heave to for the night and wait for the changes, conserve my energy and then once more favourable conditions arrive, hopefully beginning today I shall recommence the slog back to French Polynesia. So we drifted over night and I tried to sleep and now we are almost back where we started from yesterday but further north. Exact Position is 15 degrees 32 minutes south 158 degrees 19 west. Comditions are slightly better than yesterday with gusts being 20 now instead of 24 and averages around 18 with a slightly less active sea state but still the occasional wave breaking nearby and splash up onto the boat.

Thanks to all for mesages of support and advice. It might be a week before I get back to Raiatea so will be a long one for everyone I guess.

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