Monday, June 11, 2012

Apooiti Marina

Uturoa, the Main Centre on Raiatea
Apparently one of the questions most frequently asked of astronauts – when there were such people - was about how they go to the toilet – and actually that might be in relation to the interests of school children. In any case, probably because I am not an astronaut  I haven’t been asked that question so far but I am going to give you the answers anyway, because it helps to explain why I have ended up in the Marina..

Sapphire does not have a “Holding Tank” so the toilet empties directly into the sea, which is fine when youre at sea but not when you’re anchored in a tiny Bay where people swim and fish. So one relies on Public Conveniences, and as when Backpacking in foreign countries, becomes adept at spotting such places. In this Bay however the only possibilities are to have a meal at the marina restaurant, and use their Facilities, or else check the boat into the Marina. I asked if I could just pay for a key to the Toilets and Showers but this was not an option, so after 4 days on anchor I moved in to the Apooiti Marina for about $25 a night with water, power and showers and toilets. The downside  is loss of privacy and solitude out in the Bay, concerns about security, and 24 hour lighting illuminating the boat. I connected to shore power to fully charge the Batteries but the Solar Panel is working so efficiently it was hardly needed so I’ve disconnected it after checking all the AC outlets on the Boat are all in working order. I’ve also hauled out the dinghy for a better clean up and dry out before putting it away, squirted a bit more Sika around the place, done some washing and yes had a few showers which in this heat have been very refreshing.

The winch was fixed – don’t ask me what was wrong – and yesterday I motored an hour to Uturoa, the main town on Raiatea, had a nice breakfast then bought supplies, petrol for the outboard and topped up the diesel – 22litres used since leaving Marina Taina in Tahiti last year. I met a lovely young German couple on the dock at Uturoa – they have chartered a big Cat for three weeks – and are trying to decide if they could sail together and not wreck their relationship! I told them about a similar Cat that exited Apooiti Marina the other day and was motored straight onto the reef about 50 yards from me, with resulting marital stress in the form of shouting, wild arm waving and gesticulations and bellowed expletives filling the Bay – the French are so Passionate! On Sapphire of course the Crew always do exactly what I want and I never have to shout.
Sapphire and a Cat

Today I would have sailed to Bora Bora except for one thing – theres no wind, and tomorrow its likely to be the same, so I have been doing more cleaning and tidying – I took the canvas Dodger off, washed its window and polished the stainless frame and all thje other stainless on the boat. Tomorrow I will find other such chores to occupy myself but essentially, Ive checked everything and its all OK. I said I would make my final decision once Ive sailed to Bora Bora, and so I shall but I think I will be sailing.
Flashback June 10th 2011
Which reminds me – 0ne year ago today, June 10th I dropped anchor in Baie d’Avera, Rurutu, 24 days after leaving New Zealand.. I’ll never forget the exhaustion but more especially the tremendous relief at making it.

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