Monday, September 10, 2012

A Tip for you

I might have mentioned this before, but if I am ever teaching a young doctor something surgical I usually tell them to remember one thing : "The enemy of Good is Better" This sounds counter-intuitive at first but is a useful check to the urge to fiddle with something thats good to try and make it better. Mostly you just cause more bleeding and it takes twice as long. Needless to say I am not a perfectionist but a pragmatist! But I should have taken my own advice today when I decided to gybe to starboard to see if I could get a better angle towards the south of Kandavu. Its quite a job getting the pole back out the other side, trying to rebalance everything - and then to discover things were better the way they were and to have to re-do it all again - it took me about 2 hours before we were smoothly sailing downwind again back on Port!

For lunch I had a can of Watties Cream Corn with bread and cheese, and a Kiwifruit. I have to say I am quite fond of Watties canned food - the cream corn was excellent, as are their baked beans and the ones with meatballs had actual meatballs! I had the second half of last nights pasta and mackerel for breakfast so I think I will have a light dinner tonight - maybe noodles or soup.

So I am about half way, having squeezed Sapphire through the gap between Nuku Songa and Latoa island fifty miles south of it! And avoided those blue circles! But the wind has lightened further so we are traveling a bit more slowly with all sail out directly west, as previously mentioned to the bottom end of Kandavu about 180 miles away. Bob the weather guru suggested there might be showers further north today and I have seen rain falling from clouds passing north of me and twice had the merest sprinkling of rain, but otherwise it has been a pleasant day with plenty of clouds about. If the wind stays where it is ( yeah right!) there shouldnt be much to do till Kandavu late tomorrow. I am reading A Tale of Two Cities on the Kindle.

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