Friday, September 7, 2012

No Photos this time

To be honest I am still getting over the whales!

We've had  rain and wind and cloudy skies yesterday and today. I have done some chores on the boat - such as restitiching a seam on the dodger which was coming undone - and had long breakfasts and lunches chatting to other yachties, and last night went to the presentation about the traditional ocean voyaging Polynesian canoes, which was less informative than I had hoped it would be, but they did show a lovley video of the canoes out on the ocean, and lots of close ups of polynesian faces with tears in their eyes,hakas and emotinal reunions on distant shores.

Ive also met up with Mel and Andy, an Australian couple now living right here in Niafu. Mel is a doctor who I met in the Northern Territory three years ago, and she has opened a little medical practice just along the road. Their plan is to lease a small island and bild a little resort there, and already they have found an available one and been given most of the approvals. There is of course lots of red tape to get through.

This afternoon I have cleared customs, paid my Port Charges of $2.50 (!) and stocked up on comfort foods for the journey to Lautoka on the far side of  Viti Levu the main island of Fiji. Toniught I am going to a Circus - this is what its advertised as, but it sounds like fun.  I'm leaving in the morning. It should take five days but I will need to be on my toes as unlike most of the other legs of my South Pacific Tour, there are numerous little islands, reefs, regions marked "Volcanic activity reported" , shoals and other obstacles in my way.

Assuming all goes well, I'll have a few days to get the boat out of the water at Vuda Point Marina, and then head back to NZ to see  my first granddaughter, who is due any day now.

Next few Posts will be from the Boat at Sea.

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