Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well I wont be in Niue tomorrow evening as I had been hoping - maybe the following one if I'm lucky! And thats because we've been hunted down by that light wind we had been hoping to avoid. Early this morning before light, I noticed we were making "only" 5 knots - I had been getting quite used to seeing speed all in the 6's and even the odd 7 point something - but oh what would I give right now to be doing five! I PRAY for 5, even 4 would do! But I am not so disappointed - in fact its been a great day of solitude and quiet and rest and contemplation as I wait for decent wind to return. I am resisting the urge to be impatient and anxious about deadlines and ETA's, and I am not going to spoil the opportunity to just look at the amazing sea which was leaping all about the place a day or two ago and now is smooth and calm, or to look at the sky and hear only the water gurglling past or the occasional slap of the sail by switching on the motor and ruining everything with noise and smell and heat. I am just going to let nature happen - or is that a bit too Zen? Probably if this continues too long I will suddenly not give a stuff about Zen and make a run for it!! The boat is drying out and getting some fresh air through the hatch, and Ive done a little reading but mostly just sat outside out of the sun and fiddled with the sheets and the Hydrovane and tried to keep us moving forward gently, watching for the rippled water telling me a puff is coming, enjoying a little surge to 4 knots occasionally and then slipping back to 3 or less. For a few hours this morning there really was no wind , but this afternoon the slightest of breezes keeps giving me hope - and then taking it away again. Our 24 hour run to noon was about 115 nm but the next 24 hour run might be only 60! And as I write we surge forward at 4.3 knots - maybe this is the wind finally returning - but Ive been saying that to myself all day long! Niue is only 133 nm away - cant see anything yet!

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