Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photos : Suwarrow

Sailing Downwind to Suwarrow : A perfect day

Coming through the pass into the Lagoon at Suwarrow Atoll : Anchorage Island with yachts at anchor inside the lagoon
Anchorage Island : The "Jetty" on the left, Toms House hidden but through the trees in the middle
Ashore on Anchorage Island
Toms Memorial

Harry and "Ants" the caretakers processing a new arrival at Suwarrow
The reef at Low Tide, on the "pass" side of Anchorage Island Suwarrow
Sapphire beyond the "Jetty", Anchorage Island
"Panorama" of Anchorage Island
 I put my cap over the modified pillow case to keep the sun off after my wide brimmed straw hut blew into the ocean
Sapphire : Downwind to Suwarrow

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