Monday, August 6, 2012

Going Back

Dear Beatrice 
After thinking about this over night I have decided that I cannot sell Sapphire. I am sorry to disappoint you and Richard but the boat means too much to me and I am going to continue with my plan to return on Thursday to fix the Hydrovane and sail to Fiji. I apologise for this change of plan. Thank you for your help and interest in Sapphire.I am sure you will be able to find another nice boat for Richard. 
After sending this I felt as if a huge weight had just been lifted off my shoulders and I felt better than I had for weeks. And when I checked the FedEx tracking page, my Parcel had arrived in Raiatea, so things seemed to be working out for once.
I flew to NZ and stayed in Auckland 2 nights, then once again aboard Air Tahiti Nui flew back to Papeete, dragged my suitcase across the road to the Airport Motel then in the morning flew back to Raiatea and got to the boat at about 3pm., Thursday. There were no rude surprises or shocks – but then I had been gone only four weeks. In a couple of hours I had taken the Hydrovane off the stern and Dominic, the Boss at RCS looked at the new parts and we made a plan to get started on reattaching it in the morning.
On Friday – yesterday – we cleaned off the transom , removing the yellow and blue “Sapphire” sticker and closing all the old bolt holes with fiberglass. A new timber pad was shaped for the bottom bracket and much bigger backing plates made. The bottom bracket was reattached  temporarily and the new “A” bracket fitted using 5cm diameter PVC pipe as a guide to working out how long to make the arms from the supplied stainless steel tube. By days end – they knock off early on Friday – all that remained to be done was sanding back the fiberglass patches, a little painting and then the final fitting and reattachment of the Hydrovane with the Bolts I bought with me. This will be done on Monday, and we will relaunch on Tuesday. All I need to do then is motor back to Uturoa and restock with food and fuel, and I plan to leave for Suwarrow Atoll on Wednesday, local time, weather and everything else permitting.
A few hours before the bolt broke

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