Friday, August 10, 2012

One day at a time

Well in the first 24 hours we made a world record equalling 129nm.- so just over 5 knots average and it was quite easy as far as the sea state and the boat are concerned. Over night I slept reasonably, waking to check things every 2 hours - I didnt have to adjust anything for 14 hours but today the wind has moved a little from S to SSE and strength fluctuated but not much - its mainly been 14 - 18 knots and the sea acceptable with about half to a meter swell and a bit of chop, nothing to complain about, the odd splash here and there - actually when I first got up this am I felt surprisingly good and ate too much for breakfast - cereal and a container of diced fruit and coffee. Since then Ive had a bit of celery and a couple of biscuits and lots to drink but nothing else interests me yet. This horrible nausea gets me down, I remember it from last trip and it eventually went but so far it hasn't settled. I tried to spew thinking that might help but I couldnt bring anything up. I tried the Pregnant mums remedy of dry bread and sips of fluid - that helped a little - but I just have to wait it out I think and then my appetite will return.

Right now we are about 25nm SE of Motu One but will clear it easily so there shouldnt be any dramas like there were 6 weeks ago when we came past it going in the opposite direction, but I will check again in a few hours. We went past an island called Mopihaa but it was too small to see about 20 miles south a few hours ago, so there has been nothing to see today other than a few birds, a couple of which tried to land on top of he mast. So no other yachts or ships - which is the usual experience out here. So I just sit in the cockpit looking t the horizon and waiting for the sick feeling to go. I cant read, I just have to think, and I feel disinclined to do anything. HOwever I have made a sort of balaclava out of an old pillowcase so my neck and sides of my face are protected from the sun, and Ive poled the headsail out and we rolling and squirming our way west. Its not really fun yet..

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