Thursday, August 9, 2012

On my way

THis is not going to be a big post because its hard enough writing ina rolling boat but my stomach will need a day or two to settle in to this rolling downwind motion
I sailed out of the Lagoon at Raiatea, through Pass Rautoanui, at 9.30am. I stayed the night tied to the dock in Uturoa, having not enough time after shopping to get oput to sea last evening. I slept nervously and uncomfortably, anxious about setting out once more. I dont know what other sailors feel before a big trip but I suffer and feel tense, not excited.

Its now just after 5 pm and we've covered 42nm since the pass, and for the third time this year I am saioling past Isle Maupiti - the nearest point is 5nm away of the starboard bow. So we are making close to 6 knots in 15-20 knots of wind just off the port beam. Suwarrow is 658nm away. Ive already reduced sail , I could go a little faster with more stress for me and the boat but I am not in a hurry really. Its going to takae 6 or 7 days to get there if there are no unexpected incidents.So far all sytems are functioning normally and of course the Hydrovane is once again doing the steering . Theres been quite a lot of sunshine, but now theres cloud and I much prefer cloud. That will do for now. I shall have some mmore water and maybe a peanut butter sandwich for tea -m yes I did remember to get some this time - and I have a small loaf of bread but that will get stale fast so I shall eat it soon.

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