Saturday, August 18, 2012

An extra Day in Paradise

I had planned to leave Suwarrow Atoll today, Friday but Bob McDavitt suggested that by delaying 24 hours I would avoid a forecast period of a day or two with no wind when I was closer to Niue, so I stayed here for another day. I would like to stay here for a month to be honest, because its such a beautiful place there are many places to explore with a snorkel and the people Ive been meeting are all so interesting and friendly. But five other yachts left today, three for Niue and the others for Tonga and Samoa. The yachts heading to Niue will be there sooner than I would, and so probably wont have the windless days to contend with, but even if they did, they would have plenty of diesel on board and no qualms about motoring. My diesel supply is limited and so I try not to use the motor. I would rather have an extra day here than a day motoring or just flopping around in the ocean. Wouldn't anyone?

Today Ive snorkeled with the mantas again, been ashore for a sleep in the hammock under the coconut trees , and Ive been enjoying reading "Shalimar the Clown" a novel by Salman Rushdie. This evening I went ashore again and had a drink and snacks around a fire with some of the other cruisers, but now , back on the boat, I have left my last footprint in the sands of Suwarrow. Tomorrow its back to work heading 530 nm south west to Niue in 20 knots forecast winds so it will be an energetic sail in such wind, a beam reach in 2 to 3 meter seas. I should be there next Thursday.

In the morning I'll haul the dinghy out at first light when hopefully the breeze will be a little less than it is right now, then after breakfast when its had some time to dry I'll roll it up and stow it then I should be on my way, probably with the main sail up but motoring till I am in clear water out in the Pacific Ocean again.

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