Thursday, August 23, 2012

Closing in

That puff that appeared as I was finishing writing yesterday was in fact the wind coming back! It eventually settled in from the South at about 14 knots and has remained like that ever since, except for going South West during the night and trying to get my yacht to head for "Caliope Reef ; Breaks" it says on the chart. So with that nice little pause yesterday we are moving along sweetly again and should see land at first light. Today has been your stock standard sort of sailing the Pacific kind of day, a small swell so the ride is comfortable and dry, too hot in the sun, no other signs anywhere of human existence, and we did 85nm from noon yesterday to noon today. Ive finished my last tomato but have a couple of oranges left, after that theres no fresh food, though I did briefly have another fish on the line a couple of hours ago. I think we were going a bit too slowly at the time to make it anything but easy for the fish to get off the lure, as I hadnt even got my gloves on to start pulling him in when with a splash I saw his pectoral fins flash out of the water one more time and he was gone. I would have kept that one for Niue. With the boat all dried, its amazing how much salt is encrusting all the surfaces outside - I saw a shower coming close and hoped we would get a dousing but it moved past. Right now we have 50 miles to go!.

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