Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dead Mouse

The mouse was dead this morning which meant life was going to be difficult. More specifically, it wouldn't "left Click" Fortunately after taking out the batterries and leaving it open to dry out and left clicking it about 1000 times it worked properly again. It had a couple of drops of splash onto it yesterday afternoon, so I had a lucky escape!

I wasnt really complaining yesterday. But if all I am going to do is write and say how far Ive gone and how far there is left to go I think that would be a bit tedious. I was simply trying to convey a sense of what its actually like doing this, because in many minds I am sure, Sailing the South Pacific conjures up images of the Good Life, an idyllic free and carefree existence of romantic voyages and places. Well it is actually - but only sort of, or some of the time and it beats being stuck in rush hour traffic and working 9 to 5... But there are times when its really no fun at all. Like yesterday - but today was different.
Overnight the wind dropped a little, and during the morning even more, and the sea state settled as well so we have a great day of sailing today, with all sail out for some of the time this afternoon but I have just taken in the first reef on the main again, wind creeping up towards 18 knots. Earlier it was 12. The companionway is right open and Ive had my pillow in the sun all day, there has only been one big splash today and that was this morning, so the drips have stopped, and Ive been back outside under the dodger reading. This was of course a bit premature as the forecast was for winds to settle from tomorrow, but I'm quite happy with this!I had a can of "Van Camps Pork and Beans" for lunch - on the tin it says "Feeding families since 1861" Its the third or fourth can Ive eaten and I still havent seen the Pork. The nearest thing to pork was a tiny cube of white fat! Tonight I will cook pasta and empty into it a tin of pasta sauce and a can of salmon. I usually have some biscuits and a few sweets after that. Other than one coffee per day, I drink water or water with a tiny amount of cordial flavouring in it, and I have some dried fruit and nuts, plus crackers with jam - and cheese which finished today - and an orange every day as well. Before oranges I had pears, and I have one tomato left.

My book "Shalimar the Clown" by Salman Rushdie is nearly finished. It is absolutely gut wrenching. It had me in real tears today. I am going to need debriefing after Ive finished it I think. Are his books all like this?

At 2.30 ( which is Time to see the Dentist) I noticed there were 260nm to go and we were 260nm from Suwarrow - Half way! If conditions stay as they are for 48 hours we will be in Niue on wednesday afternoon (Thursday in Oz and NZ) I'm just hoping we dont get slowed down enough to not quite make it before dark as then I would have to wait all night out on the ocean somewhere. I'm not looking forward to the hassles with immigration but I am sure they can be sorted. But I am quite excitied about being on Niue because it has a very special and important place in my heart.

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