Monday, August 20, 2012

Killing time

Well not much has chnaged as we continue on port in "fresh" winds - around 22 knots - and 2m to 3m seas which are quite short so theres a bit of dropping off one wave or slamming into the next, and the odd wave that crashes onto the port side with quite a thud sending water slashing up over everything, dripping off the back of the dodger, finding its way inside dripping on most things in small annoying amounts hat over time render most things damp or wet, making the floor slippery, filling up thr rubbish tin in sodden Kitchen Towels that I user to mop up with. I have two rolls left and then if thats not enough an excess of toilet paper I could use as well. But this, at least the weather and the conditions is what was forecast and its got asnother 24 hours to run at least. Pity about the leaking - some from before have definitely not returned - well yet! - but its barely tolerable when dry but when damp, and also sweating hot because the hatches are all shut - well it becomes a kind of private hell, a sort of self inflicted torture with painful ribs from leaning as I am now against the desk to brace myself, with painful shins that have cracked agains surfaces makin g involuntary lunges for a hand hold when unexpectedly thrown left trying to go right, with painful elbows and hips and kness that have been used to brace one hard part against another to free hands for getting food or water. SO I lie in my sea berth which so far has remained dry and I'm watching the little storage space behind it which last year filled with water and soaked my bedding, and it is only moist so far. I lie in my sea berth and stare at the clock, shut my eyes for half an hour and look at it again and the hands have only moved five minutes, I lie in my sea berth and look at the hand held GPS which syas we've got 76 hours to reach destination, and then it says theres 81 hours to reach destination because we hit a speed bump and got thrown round bit and got put off our stride, I lie in my sea berth and look at the drips and the water streaming across the window and the hatch above my head, and when it clears I see a few clouds or a bit of blue sky and I look at the clock again : five more minutes...I lie in the sea berth with sweat all over my body making the sheet damp and the pillow like dough , its just tolerable, but its only for 79 , no 77, no 78, or is 75 more hours and I look at the clock again.. And so it goes. And this is called sailing and having fun...this is the hard bit that makes getting there so good. And right now we have 369 to go. Current position is 165.01W 15 03S, at 0230 UTC.

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