Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard Work alrigh

Sorry but this will be brief. We departed Suwarrow at 10.30 but then to head for Niue we had to skirt up and around the top of the Atoll . By 12 (2200hrs UTC) we were passing the southern tip and heasding for Niue in boisterous conditions. The wind is sitting round 22 knots and as predicted gusting to near 30, the sea is correspondingly busy shall we say with 2 - 3m swell and cop with waves everywhere. We are on port beam reaach so the wind and the sea is coming to us from the side, occasionally slamming us and sending water all over he boat and the cockpit has had a few inches sloshing round on occasion. Inevitably under these conditions there are leaks again - they are demoralising not threatening just require attention to keep thigd from becoming soaked. This is the sort of sailing where al you can do is hang on tight in some secure spot and just endure the ordeal, its not really fun but physical and tiring. Apparently Ive got two days of this to put up with. So I am not going to write more, or reply to emails today but I still like to get them. Right now the boat is at 163 33W 13 28 S.

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