Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take two...

Uturoa Dock : To read about the yacht behind the Catamaran go to
Right now the 50 tonne travel lift is lumbering about the yard clearing a path for Sapphire to head back to the water. We’ve been boxed in by other yachts because yachts for sale seem to stay here a long time, so get pushed back into the corners. Already “Sargaco” has been launched – Ive had time to get to know her Skipper, Alex from Brazil and his partner from Paris – as they have been replacing the rudder that was lost a month ago between here and the Tuomotus.
Bomb Proof I  expect
But Sapphires auxiliary rudder, the Hydrovane is  very firmly reattached – it looks like over kill to be honest, so I am not expecting any more trouble in that department.

I am eager to get going – living aboard in a Boatyard in the tropics is awful - and  once in the water I shall motor to the town and restock my food and fuel and then if there is time to get out into the ocean before dark I just might go. Ive  been in Raiatea far too long. My first day should get me  back past Maupiti, the second past Motu One and then another four or five days to Suvarov ( aka Suwarrow Atoll)
Shipyard views: get me out of here!
This will mean all contact  from now on is via Sailmail ( and there wont be any pictures till I get to Niue in about two to three weeks.

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  1. David - so glad you are back on Saphire and ready to go again!Maiden voyage of Mason Bay going well-out to Gt Barrier then up to the bay of IS mooching back after this weekend 11th Gary