Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 Oceans at Tubuai


Jeanette ad Don

Farewell Tubuai
I dropped anchor opposite Marina Taina  right on noon. It had been a much quicker trip than I  was expecting, and it felt great to be in Tahiti. But there had been plenty to keep me occupied over the previous night. I woke near midnight and the boat seemed to be heeled over  a lot more than usual and when i checked  we were doing 7.3 knots in 28 knots. I rolled away the headsail and noticed the sky was all black except for a tiny rim of stars in the east - and slowly, as I waited to see what would happen next, more stars appeared as the cloud moved away and the wind settled - so I let the headsail out again and went back for more sleeps. As dawn broke Tahiti was  in front and to the right its massive bulk sloping up into dense cloud, and the sun rose behind .

Deep valleys carved into the interior of Tahiti
The most surprising sight though was off the opposite side of the boat, further ahead the amlazing silhouette of Moorea, another Island a days sail away from Tahiti. A more remarkable profile I cant imagine it was a profile straight out of the Hobbit.

The amazing profile of Moorea from the south

We sailed steadily, at 6 knots around and up the western side of Tahiti and eventually into its wind shadow, so I dropped all sail and motored the last 8nm in through Pass Taapuna and to an achorage near the Marina. It was really hot, but to get ashore I had to inflate the dinghy, lower the outboard back oto it, and then had in. I found the Marina Office and I can use their Laundry and showers, Ive ound ashopping centre and had some munch and after this will get a little shopping and head back to the boat. Tomorrow I will have to gt the sails off for repairs.

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