Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not yet but soon,,

A quick update with wet everything. Am now hove to 8nm from Rurutu. Th3e sun has just set - apparently - none seen all day. Have motorsailed with Hand steering the last 12 hours - it was impossible to sail here such was the strength of wind - mostly 26 -28 knots and gusts to 32 plus seep seas coming straight at us, Only option: Motor. And this produced a forward velocity of 2 knots. Hence its taken 12 hours to get 24 miles closer but obviously its now dark and I cannot go in to anchor in the dark - hence holding position over night - will move closer to calmer water after this - and anchorage at last, first light tomorrow. Its been wonderful to see land again, a vague distant blur slowly emerged into long grey silhouette - no detail in this weather.

Hope to catch up on emails tomorrow too - thanks all.

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