Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clean Up

I am starting to love this place! I had  a good sleep last night, depite the damp, but woke at 4am when the interisland  transport ship arrived  at the  wharf beside me. I  watched for a while then went back to sleep. This morning I came back to the Police to complete entry formalities at 9am as requested - yesterday they wanted a document I had not brought ashore, but it  was all OK this morning so I am now legally in French Polynesia. I also brought all my dirty laundry and clean clothes because I hqd decided I would like to spend a night or two ashore and  was hoping I could find some accomodation  - this possibility hazd been mentioned yesterday by one of the nurses, so I went to the hospital to   ask her for more details. Once there, everyone greeted  me with a kiss on each cheek, and one took hold of my laundry and indicated she would do it for me! And then another offered me the use of a shower, a hot shower, in the hospital and next I knew I was having  my first proper clean up in over a month. That shower had to be the Best Shower Ever - it was such therapy, I could have stayed there all day.

Subsequently, all clean and deodorised, in clean dry clothes, I wandered past the school where pupils were outside enthusiastically practicing a sort of Haka, some sort of traditional dance, and thence to the Bureau de Poste to send my Arrival Documentation to Papeete. And here in a corner, I spied an Internet Kiosk- from  where I am writing this Blog Post. I have yet to find out about accomodation but  will return to the Hospital for my promised Tour later, and get  my Laundry. I will also return to Sapphire to check her out, visit le magasin for supplies, and go for a wander. I might get a haircut sometime as well.Things are looking up. Tomorrow I will come back to the Internet and load some Photos for you. Au Revoir for now.

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