Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moon was Full and Nothing Happened

We are about 45 nm from Tubuai and the sun will set in 90 minutes, so it looks like I wont see the Island tonight, from a distance, but will have to wait till first light. By then we will be close and probably just taking it easy waiting for good light so we can get into the lagoon and drop anchor. Today has been a steady one with a lightish wind behind us - about 10 to 12 knots - and we have been doing easily what was literally impossible a week ago - heading east to Tubuai, presently at about 4.5 knots. Theres also been lots of sun - I think Ive had too much because I have a headache - and god alone knows how many bananas Ive eaten. So this will be a short Post as all is well and I'm going to have an early dinner and catch up on sleep I lost last night when the winds were very light and fluky and the boat was refusing to go anywhere in particular for a long time - it was a very light night, the moon is full again, but a light haze obscured most of the stars. Au Revoir

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