Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last day in Rurutu - I think

Today it was cloudy most of the time. I had scrambled eggs and coffee for breakfast and did a few chores then took the dinghy into the beach. Larger swells have started arriving so I was a little worried about how my tiny RIB would handle them at the narrowest part of the gap in the reef - the gap between the braking waves on one side and the reef on the other was only about 15 metres and the water in between a bit rough - but I managed to get there between a set of waves and it was straightforward. Onshore I repaid the man in Le Magasin and then set off for Moerai again. It took an hour and was I steaming hot by the time I got down the other side. The sea looked less wild than it did the other time I went across, I found the Fuses I needed and posted a few cards at the Bureau dePoste, had lunch of some deep fried seafood bits and rice in a chinese restaurant - well there were a couple of chinese lanterns decorating the interior which was very spare - then walked back again, this time getting a lift from near the top back to Avera. I said Bonjour to Natalie, the woman running the little snack bar near the wharf and had some Coke, and we "chatted" about I dont know what for a while and then I returned to Sapphire. Natalie waved me off and gave me a hand of bananas and two Pomplemoose I think they are - like large grapefruit - thats what they look like - I havent tried one yet but the bananas are small and delicious. The wind was light but just after getting aboard a breeze arrived from the north, just a light one and it settled after a while but I thought to myself - Ah here it is at last, the predicted northerly. I then decided that I didnt want to stay where I was close to the reef with bigger swells arriving and a northerly wind perhaps picking up during the night, so I retrieved and stowed the Dinghy, and pulled up the anchor. I had been dreading getting the anchor up, having seen how it was well hooked over substantial rock, and indeed it was a little tricky - but having seen where it was lying with my own eyes the other day I had already worked out a strategy - basically motoring forward and to the starboard side - and after a couple of hefty clunks and jerks we were free. I was greatly relieved - and noticed the shaft of the anchor was bent slightly to that side when I pulled it on board!. I think that further out this breeze may be a bit stronger - its only 4 knots here in the bay and we are drifting slowly seaward as I write this. So soon I shall probably hoist sail and start heading to Tubuai. I really wanted to go in the morning, but I was feeling uncomfortable with the changing seas and wind. I'd be happy to drift all night if the wind doesnt pick up. WE shall see what happens...Au Revoir

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