Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Here are some photos at last. They are best viewed full size by clicking on them. It takes for ever to upload these but I will  put up more tomorrow.

Sailing East at Sunrise
Big Sea
Sapphire is the Dot bottom left with arrow pointing between Rimatara and Rurutu. Tubuai on Right, out of reach!
Rurutu in the morning, 10th June
Just anchored in Baie d'Avera, Rurutu
Sapphire at  Anchor
Avera village
Sapphire off the reef at Avera
Cool Kids
Main Rd, Avera
Map on wall of Post Office in Moerai
Entrance to artificial harbour, Moerai
Tubuai at Dawn

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  1. they say in germany...youre looking really handsome..a poster boy for the riper age group!talk about rugged individual..keep that look.xxL