Monday, June 20, 2011

First time in a Long Time

Going to church that is. Being Sunday I agreed to go with Maeva and another Nurse, Tini, to the Catholic Service at 0830. I was up at 0630 again and went to le Magasin for more croissants and pastry, and had coffee before Maeva was up. We went in her friends little car to the church, a couple of miles up the road, multiple greetings of course , saw many of the people from the party yesterday - and was quite - well entertained may not be exactly the right word - perhaps surprised - by the service which was in French with lots of singing which at times was very enthusiastic and melodic and of course a long sermon. I wasnt bored - in fact having not been a believer for such a long time I almost felt as if I was seeing the christian/catholic rituals and iconography for the first time. It all seemed a little strange, holding aloft that Book with reverence, the communion wafers, robes and symbols, the elegant but covertly gruesome image of the man with nails through hands and feet suspended from the cross, the Virgin...yes it was an interesting experience.

AFterwards, we three went to a small restaurant for a special lunch as it was fathers day! We had more croissants and pastries, coffee and Tahitian food - the delicious Poisson Cru, Taro, coconut dishes, banana and so on.

For the rest of the day I will rest and read the magazine I bought before leaving Australia - theres a long article in it about Julian Assange which I have been looking forward to reading. I will also visit the boat to send thse emails, see if that crossword survived the damp because I still havent done it, and sort out some photos to send tomorrow. I shall start looking at weather again soon but would like to stay here at least another two or 3 days. Au Revoir.

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